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Stainless Steel Garlic Press Chopper

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The Stainless Steel Garlic Press is the perfect tool for mincing garlic, for incredible flavor in every dish you prepare!

This innovative, garlic press is easier and more convenient to use than other more traditional presses. In fact, this handheld garlic presser provides you with a more secure grip and better leverage for an easier, more comfortable hold. The ergonomic design uses the natural motion of your hand to mince the garlic and the press moves easily, using the weight of your own body. It's ideal for people who have problems using conventional presses. 

The garlic isn't merely crushed, but micro cut, which helps to preserve the aromatic oils of the garlic! 

Simply place on top of garlic clove and rock back and forth. Scoop out crushed garlic for use in your recipes.

  • Made of fine materials, sturdy kitchen tool
  • Easy to clean: The smooth surface is an easy-to-use kitchen cleaning tool
  • Easy to use: Simply swivel the presser foot over the garlic cloves several times and the garlic is crushed
  • Good grip: The solid handle is made of ABS plastic, comfortable to use and protects your fingers from the blade

Package Includes:

  • 1 x New Improved Garlic Press

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