Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

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Baby Electric Nail Trimmer Nail Filing Set for Newborns

Infants fingernails grow fast and must be cut twice a week. A traditional baby nail clipper makes the fingernails sharp after clipping, so the baby can easily hurt himself by scratching his delicate skin. Therefore, it is recommended to use a special nail filer for babies, which is safe and hygienic.

Baby electric nail trimmer is a safe and convenient baby grooming tool for trimming and polishing baby nails without any harm. It is specially designed, keeping your newborns safety in mind. It makes filing and polishing your baby's nails easier for you and more comfortable for your baby. This electric nail trimmer is lightweight, easy to maintain and carry around anywhere. Its silent but powerful motor and nail grinding pads allow you to gently and precisely trim the fingernails without disturbing your baby's sleep. This battery-operated baby nail filer is suitable for babies of all ages.


Gentle: The nail trimmer for babies is gentle on the baby's nail bed and cuticles. Comes with separate heads for making nails soft and rough.

Firm Grip: Round shape of the electric nail cutter provides a better and firmer grip and is highly comfortable to use.

6 Grinding Heads: The nail trimmer has two sets of nail grinding heads, each one for babies and adults.

Compact Design: It is a lightweight, compact and perfectly portable baby nail trimmer.

Silent: Its low sound motor allows you to trim baby nails while sleeping.

Safe: Made with safe and durable material. You can trim and polish baby nails without hurting. It can be used by adults.


Material: ABS
Age: 0 and above
Size: 6.5x2.7 cm/2.56x1.06in
Color Options: Mint Green and Rose Red
Battery: 1 x AAA battery (not included)

Package includes:
1 x Electric nail trimmer
3 x Baby trimming and polishing head
3 x Adult trimming and polishing head

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