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Drainage Cleaner Foam Agent

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Product name:Herios Drain Foam Cleaner
Material: alkaline solvent + surfactant Package

Package Includes:
1 x Drain Foam Cleaner

Shake the tube up and down 10 times before use
1. Turn the special nozzle to the OPEN direction to unlock
2. Plug the special nozzle into the drain of the washbasin
3. Press the tank until the drain is vertical
4. Spray high-speed bubbles to deodorize them
5. Stop spraying according to the standard usage (3-7 seconds) of bubbles overflowing from the overflow hole
6. If you want to thoroughly wash, deodorize, soak and sterilize, please leave it for about 30 minutes without flushing
7. Take the special nozzle to the top and turn it to the LOCK direction to lock

1. Pay attention to turn off the nozzle switch when saving
2. Please keep the place in a cool and ventilated place
3. Please keep it away from children


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