6 in 1 Multi-Purpose Vegetable Slicer Cuts- HOME ESSENTIALS

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Multi-Purpose Vegetable SlicerĀ 

Why do you waste your time cutting vegetables?

If you were tired of slicing by hand, this slicer is one of the best tools in your kitchen.

Our grater will make your work faster and smoother.

The Slicer is patented, German designed and manufactured. It has 8 super sharp, precise, stainless steel blades, which makes it the quickest and most precise slicer in the world. Designed perfectly to make tasks easier and quicker in your kitchen.


  • 5 Interchangeable Blades:Ā You can get four blades with 3 different size designs, these tools can meet different needs in the kitchen. Shred various fruits and vegetables smoothly!
  • Razor Sharp & Interchangeable Blades:Ā Comes up with 4 interchangeable blades that let you cut 8 slices in just one swiping action! Shred various fruits and vegetables smoothly!
  • Non-Slip:Ā The ergonomic handle provides a firm grip, prevents the grater from sliding, has less pressure, is safer to use, is easier to store, and has hanging holes to save space and make life more convenient.
  • Save You More Time:Ā The potato slicer can be used for slicing, grating, and shredding. Brilliant and well made. It's perfect for cutting veggies, making salads, wavy chips for kids, etc all are very easy and ready within no time.
  • Multi-purpose:Ā These kitchen food shredders are multi-functional, coarsely shredded shredders are suitable for cheese, cabbage, and other products, medium shredded shredders are suitable for vegetables such as carrots and zucchini.


  • There are 5 interchangeable blades and HolderĀ 

  • All the blades are changeable easily by hand.
  • If you are wanting to slice something small then put your vegetable/fruit on the safety guard, if not then hold it with your fingers far away from the blades.
  • Run your food over the blades and let the slicer do the hard work. You will find evenly sliced food every time!


  • Best suitable to cut long vegetables such as cucumber and carrot, in shorter lengths before slicing use safety holder to have more control and safety.
  • While Using this slicer, push the food downward towards the blade rather than pulling towards you because it is 8x faster than other slicers.
  • For the Heavy Slicing, donā€™t forget to use a bowl inside theĀ  Slicer pro.


  • Cleanup our slicer is very simple. Just remove the blade and wash them under the running water with a cleaning brush.
  • We suggest cleaning using a brush to properly remove residue left on the cutter.


Multi-Purpose Vegetable Slicer Cuts

  • 1 x vegetable cutter frame
  • 5 x blades
  • 1 x safety holder
  • 1 x user manual

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