Shoes Whitening Cleansing Gel - 50 % OFF

Rs. 999 Rs. 1,999


Are your sneakers no longer clean? Are they too dirty to rock their gleam? 

This white shoe cleaner brings your shoes back to life!


Restoring White by Chemical Reaction: Shoes Whitening Cleansing Gel, unlike other products that whiten shoes by covering, it removes yellow dirt by chemical reaction, restoring its true color essentially.

Easy to Use: Just take it and use it, you don't need to adjust the ratio by yourself. And it comes with a squeezing nozzle, which is easy to operate and can spread evenly without soiling your hands.

Safe for the Upper of Shoes: The formula is mild and will not damage the shoe material and surface. Shoes whitening cleansing gel is different from other products in that it essentially restores its true colors.

Widely Use: It can be used to remove yellow from a variety of white shoes, such as shell-toe shoes, canvas shoes, sports shoes, air force shoes, and so on.


Capacity: 100ml(Can use upto 20 Times)

Package Include:

1 x Shoes Whitening Cleansing Gel

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