Silicone Bottle Cleaner Brush

Rs. 699 Rs. 1,299


Say Goodbye To Grungy Containers

Ever question your hygiene because your containers are always left greasy and nasty even after you put extra efforts in cleaning them? Well, do not take the blame on yourself. We are only humans.

To reach and clean the places you could not, we got you – Silicone Bottle Cleaner Brush!

It repels unpleasant odors, grease and stains, preventing nasty gunk build-up which is more hygienic and healthier for your family. You will no longer worry about the smelly sponge bristles!

 Among the Safest Baby Products Cleaners
 Repels unpleasant odors & stains
 Prevents Nasty Stains build-up which is more
 Healthier for you & your family
 Unquestionable Hygiene

Infinite Uses

Make your dishes, bottles, sports bottles, baby bottles, infusers, flasks, thermoses, tubes, breast pumps, kitchen appliances and more 100% Clean.

Where ever it can reach, it will clean!

Long Enough For Hard-To-Reach Areas 

Clean areas that are difficult to reach with ease! Also works on –

 Deep Sinks

No More Scratches

The easy-clean, non-scratching silicone bristles of our bottle cleaning brush are tough on gunk, yet gentle enough to leave your favorite vase, glass water bottle, pitcher, blender and delicate glassware clean and scratch-free.

Why Sweepskart Silicone Bottle Cleaner Brush Is – THE BEST!

 Does not absorb Odors & Grease
 Long Grime-free Design
 Non-Sliding Handle
 BPA Free Food Grade Silicone 

Environment Friendly

Silicone Bottle Cleaner Brush is made from silicone material, 100% BPA Free food grade silicone. It is free of pollution, absolute environmental protection.


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