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Super Vacuum Anti Slip Vibration Rubber Pad

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Product Type: Anti-skid and shockproof foot pad for washing machine

Function: non-slip, shock absorption, sound insulation

Material: High molecular polymer rubber

Features: strong compressive performance, service life about more than 10 years

Scope of application: Suitable for household appliances and furniture such as washing machines, refrigerators, desk legs, etc. Stepped drop ground; wet environment with stagnant water; sanitary dead corner; inclined ground similar to toilet drainage design.


Strong flexibility, excellent rubber has high tensile strength and resistance to aging. It is natural rubber with good Tang resistance and is one of the choices for wear-resistant products.

Vacuum suction cup

The vacuum design at the bottom of the suction cup foot is waterproof and non-slip. It tightly sucks the ground. The washing machine will never run around again. It has a cushioning and shock absorption effect.

No peculiar smell, rubber is a green material, biocompatible, no peculiar smell, no poison, no fault

Sensitive and irritant, so it is widely used in medical treatment, sanitation, furniture and other protective equipment.

Waterproof and durable, stable and pressure resistant, the non-slip mat is made of polymerized impermeable polymer compound.

Suitable for a variety of furniture, washing machine, oven, table, sofa and other furniture

Package Included:

1*Increase pad

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